Various Chandelier Table Lamp Models

Chandelier table lamp is one of chandelier model appears as table lamp. It is literary a table lamp that has been experienced further modification. It combines both chandelier and table lamp in single device. Its basic form is actually table lamp, but only for its pole. The top part is put with part of chandelier. There are some models of table lamp that combines the chandelier; they are antique, gyro, and colors.

The antique is a chandelier that persist its basic form as how it was. By definition, the antique is a chandelier that its design resembles as ancient chandelier present on Middle Ages. The antique chandelier is dominated with crystal lamp and a candle-like lamp tube. It also combines lamp cover as shading. Meanwhile, gyro chandelier is a model that combines a chandelier with additional frame as, may be, coverage. Something unique from this model is the frame that resembles as imaginary line lingering earth, the longitude, and the equator. If you looking at this chandelier, you will see that the primary object of chandelier seems hidden inside the imaginary line of earth that becomes its outer frame. Such chandelier is suitable for working chamber that darkness is overwhelming, just like in the ancient scientist’s workplace.

Another version of chandelier table lamp is the model of colors. It emphasizes at color selection as main attribute of chandelier. The color is dominating the table lamp, so it can be easily recognized. Several types of colors that commonly used are white, black, and pink. Some of them are present with drum shade while others remain with crystals.

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