Tea Light Candles As a Sweet Lighting

Tea light candles or nightlight is type of candle that is usually used for art or soft lighting. The candle is formed in a small metal cup so that the candle will melt while lighting up. The size and the burning level of the candle indicate that it is not for primary lighting.

There are several occasions that usually required nightlight to be one of its important components; for example in church, when the choir sings some glorious song while holding a candle. The candle they hold is usually nightlight. It is because the light from nightlight is considered soft. It is not too low to make the room dark, but not too strong to make the audience uncomfortable. Another usage of nightlight is the art exhibition. Sometimes the decorator used a lot of nightlight to exhibit the masterpiece in the exhibition. Why do they use hundreds of nightlights instead of electrical light if they really need the light? Same answer, because the nightlight has a soft character in its light. Besides, sometimes they assemble those nightlights to make it beautiful to see from above. For example, in December 2011, there was a giant labyrinth made from 2500 nightlight in Holy Cross Church in Germany.

Tea light candles

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Let’s talk about dinner, shall we? Dinner tends to be relaxing and romantic. And again, a nightlight is use to light up the table. Besides lighting, nightlight or tea light candles are usually used in a special cup to warm the tea pot above it.

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