Rectangular Chandelier Styles

Rectangular chandelier is means of modern art design of chandelier that emphasizing at contemporary concept. It has various styles and designs with diverse arrangement of installation. These kinds of chandeliers are designed freely without boundaries of fix pattern design. Rectangular chandelier, no matter how it looks like, is trying to keep its concept in persistence. Due to its rectangular shape, every attributes and ornaments are possible to put on. Some rectangular chandeliers option that available are rustic, shade, crystal, and glass.

Rustic rectangular is one of shape styles of chandelier that pay attention in vintage style of chandelier. It presents as –middle age- chandelier style with minimum decoration of material. Wood and chain appears in sober look without additional coloration. It also, sometimes, adds big sized of candles on its wooden frame. Yes, candles, with lit flame. Such rustic chandelier may give vintage atmosphere in modern house style. Shade chandelier is paying attention in utilization of chandelier’s cover which is made from piece of cloth. The cloth gives shady effect from the lamp light. The cloth is trying to give shade effect horizontally, so everyone who sees the chandelier at its side will see dim visual of lamp.

Rectangular chandelier has also a form named crystal chandelier. It’s formed by pinning large number of crystal ornaments that will give reflecting effect of primary lamp as light source. The crystal chandelier, actually, has only few primary lamps. However, their light is empowered by the existence of additional crystal, so it looks extravagant.

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