Moroccan Chandelier Wet Cleaning Steps

Moroccan chandelier has two functions. First, it can be used for functional reason. Second, it can be used to decorate the room. So, having a chandelier is a great option. It can be put in big or small room either for private or professional use. But having a beautiful device will keep being so if we clean it regularly with smart ways. This aims to avoid any bad things happened to the chandelier when we clean the lamp.

Now, we will show you simple tricks to clean the Moroccan chandelier in wet cleaning ways. This method is faster than the dry treatments but you have to prepare more tools than the ones in dry treatment. Before you start, you can prepare a ladder, chandelier cleaner, plastic bags (sandwich size), plastic sheeting, and rubber bands. The first step is the same: you have to ensure that the lamp is not in use or is in cool condition. This is to avoid the damage.

Then, you can apply the plastic sheeting to be placed under the lamp itself. This aims to catch the drips. After that, use the ladder to reach Moroccan chandelier and make sure that the ladder is stable enough for you to step on. Apply the plastic bags to secure the bulbs. You can use the rubber band to do it so the wrap will not too loose. Apply the cleaner and let it dry alone. When the process is done, you can take off the sheeting and see that the result is very good.

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