Maria Theresa Chandelier Dry Treatments

Maria Theresa chandelier is a very luxurious lighting type. This is very matched for a big room use such as a living room, family room, meeting room, ballroom, and a hall. You can use it for private use (home or business use (offices). This kind of chandelier has many small crystals on its body. The number of crystals can be different based on the width or the size of lamp that you order. Below we have simple dry treatments to clean up this lamp.

When someone has a Maria Theresa chandelier, they might be confused on how to clean the crystals up. Besides the electrical element in the light is very sensitive to wet or any liquids. So, you should not worry anymore since you can clean it up without any liquids. All you need are ladder, microfiber cloths, and glass cleaner. Before you start, you have to make sure that the lamp is turned off already or not in a hot temperature.

As Maria Theresa chandelier must have been set in the ceiling or high place, you need a ladder to reach the height of the lamp. Make sure that your ladder can reach the lamp. You need to clean up gently with the cloths as the first step. Then, spray the cleaner on the cloth and wipe the chandelier gently. The second microfiber cloth is used to polish the lamp. If the cloth is dirty, do not hesitate to change with a clean one. Then, your chandelier will be shiny again.

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