How to Treat Swag Chandelier

When you want to have a nice artistic lamp, you can count on swag chandelier. This can be applied or set in family room, living room, meeting hall, or any other kinds of room. This lamp can be used in either formal or informal use. Here, we want to show you how to clean this chandelier. The way to clean this kind of chandelier is simpler. You should do it regularly to get the best result. To make the lamp, you can use recycled materials to get more economical one.

A swag chandelier can be made of swag or recycled materials. The lamp could also be in crystals design. If you have the crystals swag lamp, we have ways to clean up the crystals. There are several tools that you need to clean the crystals up, such as a ladder, pencil, hot water, lint free cloth, paper, pocket camera, thick cloth, mild dish detergent, and plastic colander. There are so many tools to clean up the crystals because they need special treatments.

The first general rule of cleaning a lamp is obliged: the lamp has to be in off or cool condition. If you clean up in hot condition, it will be dangerous. The thick cloths can be used to place the crystals. You can capture the swag chandelier before you start the treatments. It helps you to put them back once you are done with the job. If the crystals have been taken off carefully, rinse with hot water and apply the dish detergent. Let the crystals dry and then make it shining with lint free cloth.

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