How to Clean Ceiling Fan with Chandelier

Ceiling fan with chandelier should be cleaned once in a while. This is done in order to clean the accumulated dust and get it back to its shining appearance. Otherwise, it will look so dull and dirty. Somehow, since there are many crystals, this kind of lamp will be a bit difficult to be cleaned. There are some tricks that can be used for cleaning. But still, the house owner has to be very patient in doing the cleaning task.

Before cleaning, the proper equipments should be gathered. The house owner will need basins or some kinds of container, warm water, detergent, glass-cleaning solution, towels, and rubber gloves. Then, it is better to turn off the circuit that provides electricity to the chandelier. Then, with the help of ladder, remove the chandelier bulbs and place it on a safe place. To clean the crystals, we should remove it from the chandelier. Then, wipe the crystals with the combination of warm water and glass-cleaning solution. After that, rinse the crystal from the water and wipe it until dry. The next part is cleaning the fan. It is better to use wet towel to clean the surface. Make sure the small details are also get cleaned. Once it is all done, put the crystals back to the chandelier.

If he or she doesn’t want to get dirty with this job, it is better to contact the professional. Indeed, many service providers give the service of cleaning ceiling fan with chandelier. Once the house owner contacts and makes appointment with the service provider, they will come to the house. All of the cleaning job can be done by them, including maintaining the machine of the ceiling fan and chandelier.

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