Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

Shining bright like a diamond is matched for flush mount crystal chandelier. It has half round shape. So, when you look at your ceiling, it is like a bowl stuck under the ceiling. The crystals in this chandelier could be in different size. It could be small or big. The crystals could perfectly round or it could be like a diamond. The bulbs in a chandelier are different than those in your common lamp in your bedroom. People also have to be more careful in cleaning the bulbs.

Here we will give you tips how to remove the bulbs in flush mount crystal chandelier super carefully. But before that, make sure that you have captured some images of your chandelier in any positions. It helps you a lot when you are about to set them again in their spots. To remove the bulbs, you need tricks so that there will not be any damaged crystals of yours. Most chandeliers cannot be put off from the ceiling so don’t force yourself to do it when the chandelier can’t.

If crystals are the only things that you can take off, then do it gently. Put them on a safe place, for example in a large bowl or case covered with blanket or thick cloth. If your flush mount crystal chandelier is old enough, you have to beware when putting off the crystals. Sometimes, they have fixed with screws. This is more difficult to be put off. Use the screwdriver to take them off. Beware of the tiny wires. Use needle-nose pliers to help you doing so

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