Flush Mount Chandelier Description and Variation

Flush mount chandelier is type of chandelier that its construction is dominated by glass or crystal. Its construction is aimed at reflecting light from its main lamp bulb toward entire surrounding chamber. The light glow will add more extravagance impression when combined with appropriate metal frame that strong enough to hold the entire chandelier structure. The mount chandelier, if you see it with your imagination, it will resemble as a reverse fountain excrete from lux pond. However, not all mount chandelier shape as reverse fountain; some chandeliers are designed without following mainstream pattern.

The name of flush mount for chandelier is just a name that is reflecting entire structure that is built from glass as primary material. Its shape has wide range of variation, not only by means of reverse fountain, it can be shaped as if it is a crystal rain droplets. Another version displays the mount chandelier as drum shade. However, the shading property is not made from piece of cloth. The drum shades are mostly made of metal as well as glass material. The drum shade shape is put surrounding the chandelier’s primary light resource, in this case is the main bulb, in purpose of presenting illumination reflection that may cause elegance impression.

Meanwhile, flush mount chandelier has also pattern of rectangular that provide the entire rectangular construction in metal or glass material. Although flush mount chandelier has dominant material of glass, but some contemporary designs are decided to forget about numbers of small glasses used in construction. Some artisans prefer to see a mount chandelier by means of few piece of glass only. It means that you may have solid flush mount chandelier on your ceiling.

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