Edison Bulb Chandelier Types and Installation

As its name, Edison bulb chandelier is means of chandelier that emphasize its style on utilization of lamp bulb as primary construction. This kind of chandelier presents as contemporary work. Its form is totally different from the other conventional chandeliers that pay attention their basic shape in form of hanging lamp with crystal or drum shade coverage frame. The Edison bulb chandelier presents as various types such as cluster, rectangular wood, pendant light fixture, and random.

The cluster Edison chandelier is a chandelier with numbers of lamp bulb that is gathered in one arrangement. The cluster uses roughly lamp bulb without coverage and being installed above dining table. Meanwhile rectangular wood chandelier is a chandelier that combines wood element with lamp bulb. You can even make such chandelier model with second or used properties such as wooden platform, lamp bulbs, and wires. It is simply connecting the wood with wire in particular system that is able to deliver electric charge. Make sure the wire is still well function so the lamp can illuminate well. The rest step is hanging the entire lamp-wood system on ceiling. This kind of wood chandelier can present as various styles. You can even add more attribute on the lamp bulb with glass jar to give artistic impression.

Edison bulb chandelier is also able to install for various purpose of place. It can be put on restaurant’s ceiling, home’s ceiling, or for purpose of arts installation exhibition. Arts installation exhibition will probably suitable when being installed with random form of Edison bulb chandelier. Since art exhibition is supposed to be perform such unusual things.

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