DIY Pillar Candle Chandelier

Pillar candle chandelier is a kind of chandelier that does not use crystals as the bulbs. So, when you are getting enough with crystals chandelier, you can run to this more natural lamp. Instead of using electric to turn on the lamp, you need little fire to turn it on. There are many types of bases in this chandelier. This base functions to store the candles. So, this is like a swinging tool filled with candles. The bases are rectangular, round, Lowes, modern, and electric. If you want the traditional one, avoid the electric use.

You can even make the pillar candle chandelier by yourself because you do not have to sync it with electricity. You can make from unused wood or any other materials and set the hangers using metal or any other stronger materials. Paint the base and the pillars simply by any paint colors. You can choose single color, for example black. It is neutral and can be matched with any themes and wall colors.

To give artistic touch in pillar candle chandelier, you can arrange the candles randomly. So, you can put them not based on the size of the candles. They could have different height one another though the linear crystal chandelier arrangement is close. If you love something neat and well ordered, you can put the same height of candles. The use of this lamp does not mean you have to turn on all the candles. If you are enough with some candles, just turn on some of them.

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