Chandelier Shade Design Ideas

Chandelier shade is not only for covering the light of the chandelier by the purpose of reducing the lighting coverage but also it is for adding the beauty of the chandelier. It also creates vibrant light accents where it is very warm and romantic. It is suitable for the purpose of chandelier as the room interior accessory that adds the beauty of the room interior design. Therefore, usually the shade of the chandelier is designed as the style or pattern of the chandelier. At least there are two options to select.

First is the shade with large size where it will cover the chandelier or cover all lights with one shade. Usually, it has round shape and installed in outside of the chandelier. Some of chandelier designs have the design that can be installed or uninstalled the shade. Some also get in one package. Second, it is the small shade that will cover the lights one by one. So, it is not all the chandelier shape that will be covered but it is only the lights. You will see each light has its own shade and it is cute and beautiful.

Any designs of the chandelier shade you take, ensure it has the right accents or at least, it has the same style so between the chandelier and the shade has one harmony. It means the beauty of the chandelier will not be covered with the shade when both of them have the same accent. It is different when the shade is more beautiful than the chandelier. The chandelier will be covered and it is just like nothing.

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