Chandelier Parts Assembled Construction

Chandelier is one of home chamber’s ornaments that usually present in an important room with various chandelier parts. Important room here means a room all family enjoy an important occasion together. Chandelier is a hanging lamp that its main function is for decorating room’s ceiling. It is usually being hung on a ceiling such as family room or main dining room. Its function is for giving dim lighting that may cause particular comfort overwhelming during eating time. But, information about chandelier, yet hasn’t been explore further. How chandelier looks like, and chandelier’s part function will be further discover in this article.

Chandelier is a semi-complex installation that is built from different parts into one assembled hanging lamp. Several parts of chandelier, from upper part to bottom, such as canopy, upper dish, reserve upper dish, crystal chain, column, middle dish, arm, lower dish, metal cover dish, screw nut, reverse dish, prism dish, and bottom ball. Those are the primary construction of chandelier center. Meanwhile, chandelier is also consists of outer construction that being assembled together. The outer construction presents as lighting properties which have illuminating function, in ancient time it was fixed by means of candle.

The outer construction consist of some parts such as, from upper to bottom, glass tube, candle cover, bobeche, upper prism, lower prism, and crystal chain. Chandelier parts, actually, have no fix arrangement. It is such a dynamic assembling. By definition, people freely install or make their own chandelier by certain shape as well as arrangement in order to presents a particular beauty for special chamber at home.

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