Chandelier Cord Cover Design Ideas

Chandelier cord cover will not only protect the cord from dust or stain but it adds the beauty appearance so it looks more beautiful and elegant. This is especially for the hanging chandelier or un-mounted chandelier. And because there are many designs of the chandelier, this cord cover also comes with many designs and ideas. Some of them can be the right one for your chandelier. You can select based on the material, pattern or detail and the color. These three should become the consideration.

From the material, there are many of them. It can be by burlap, cloth or others. You can also easily buy it in online or offline store. And if you are creative enough, you can make it by your own style and ideas. You just need cloth, then sew it with the design and pattern you have made before. And for the pattern and detail, you may get more inspiration from the cord cover pictures in the internet. There are many of them. For the colors, you can consider the color of the ceiling paint and the chandelier color.

If you can find this chandelier cord cover based on three above, you will surely find the best one that looks perfect both for the chandelier appearance and the room interior design and the ceiling design display. Those three elements can be the right consideration to find the right design and ideas of the cord cover that adds the beauty for the chandelier while it is also protecting the chain or the cord.

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