Chandelier Ceiling Fan by Means of Color and Style

Chandelier ceiling fan is one of chandelier types that has been modified into unique style but still persist its basic function as chandelier. As a chandelier, the basic function is to give light in a room in certain intensity. Chandelier usually presents with yellow lighted lamp bulb which give dim nuance. However, some chandelier installations present with white lamp bulb to give bright illumination. According to the style, chandelier ceiling fan has some diverse formation, they are rustic, colored, and combination.

Rustic ceiling chandelier performs in specific shape. It emphasizes its appearance in brownie color with no crystal lamp. Its lamps are covered in a combined compartment means of glass and metal. In this combination, fan presents as upper part that is followed by ornamental attributes in the lower part. Miscellaneous ornamental attributes are possible to attach. Some of them appear as small shells, crystal lamp, and so on. Meanwhile, colored chandeliers with fan pay attention stronger on color used. Those have some option commonly used such as white, black, and red. White chandelier-fans are mostly present in formal dining room such as restaurant and office dining room. White color gives joy nuance, formal impression, and extravagance look. Black chandelier-fans are mostly present in informal situation such as in purpose of room decoration.

Black chandelier may represent calmness; therefore it mostly is used for bedroom and living room decoration. Red chandelier ceiling fan is one of chandelier types that is usually present in oriental decoration. Red, as it represent power and prosperity, in oriental culture it has honorable place to be tasked promoting cheer atmosphere. Moreover it has natural power to draw luck.

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