Chandelier Canopy Design

Chandelier canopy can be seen in every chandelier design. Usually, it is one package with the chandelier. If you just purchase the chandelier you may see this canopy. Some also use different canopy design for their chandelier to have more beautiful and create strong look. It is also called as chandelier cover because it will cover of the space of the ceiling where the chandelier is mounted. It may not be seen clearly because it is installed right on the ceiling to cover the chandelier holder that is mounted to the ceiling.

There are many styles and designs of this canopy. One of them is antique canopy for your chandelier. Sure, you need to ensure canopy design with the chandelier. At least, it has same detail or colors so it looks in one harmony. So, this antique canopy will be great when you have the chandelier in antique or rustic design. If you have modern chandelier then modern canopy is the good idea to complement the appearance of the chandelier design.

The one that you should not ignore is about the installation. Chandelier canopy should be installed carefully so the chandelier will be mounted strongly and tightly. Therefore, it can have a longer time displayed on the ceiling. If you don’t install rightly, the chandelier may be fall down. So, read the tips or step by step of installing chandelier and the canopy. Sometimes, it is also quite difficult to install this canopy because of the sizes and designs of the chandelier.

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