Carefully Cleaned Tiffany Style Chandelier

Tiffany style chandelier mostly consists of crystals. With many designs, tiffany chandelier becomes one of great choices among many other lamp manufacturers. It has been popular since years ago so you cannot doubt its reputation. Though the product is excellent, you have to do the treatments by yourself. Don’t worry because we have prepared the cleaning sections of this chandelier. Cleaning crystals need more effort but this is worthy.

When you have removed all of the crystals in tiffany style chandelier, you can store them in a very safe place. This is better for you to place them in a plastic basket covered with a blanket on its base. Then, place the basket on the floor. Try not to place it on a high place. When you accidentally crash it, the basket will fall off and this is a doomsday for your priceless crystals. Prepare mild soapy water and wash the crystals there.

When you have done washing them, you need to set the crystals aside carefully. Tiffany style chandelier has a characteristic to get dry easily. So, rinse the crystals once you have washed them. Use hot water to make the crystals shiny and to remove the dust easily. Wipe them until dry with soft and clean cloth. Then, you can store them in another new blanket or towel. Don’t forget the prisms. You need to replace them before buffing the frame. You have to be patient because you have to clean all the crystals one by one. You need to be gently in cleaning the crystals so that they will not fall off due to slippery.

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