Bronze Chandelier – Another Typical of Unique Chandelier

Bronze chandelier is a type of chandelier that is created from bronze material. It has totally metal material with limited glass put. The glass material is only used for lamp bulb and lamp glass cover. This kind of chandelier has more weighed that the other types such as modern chandelier or another contemporary work. Based on the type, bronze chandelier has various and diverse shape as well as its size. It also has no fix form and can perform in any idea of creation. Since there are no fix template, every idea of design are available to create, such as the conventional shape, the modern design, contemporary idea, and simple structure.

Conventional shape is the ones that are trying to keep such vintage design less attribute inserted. The conventional style performs at least six lamps as primary light source. The rest remains just metal frame. Modern design of chandelier is still using bronze as metal material. However, the idea of creation is something that distinguishable from the conventional ones. The modern design is never follow the rule that conventional does. It reshapes its own design with unusual ideas.

The idea is to make as unusual as chandelier looks like. Such random templates are welcome to apply, as long as space available. Bronze chandelier in simple structure remains its design in simple look without complex attributes for decoration. Simple chandelier needs only bronze frame, that quite adequate to hang. It also requires less carving and folding of frame. A simple chandelier needs only compartment that functional aspect contributes more than performance.

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