Blown Glass Chandelier Is the Freedom of Creation

A blown glass chandelier is a manifestation of ultra-contemporary art in chandelier. It represents the soul of freedom with limited boundaries of stiffness rule. This kind of chandelier may be look so cool put on someone’s home ceiling, someone with freedom of thinking personality. If you look at the blown glass chandelier shape, you will probably think that it is kind of an explode thing. The formation resembles an explode sun or something remains on fire. However, there are several type that present in different shape, but still random, with unusual formation.

The blown chandelier that is made from glass is actually present in a bit sharp shape with colorful diversity. It has various shape as well as colors and size. Therefore, due to its sharp shape, you must be careful in dealing with such objective and keep it away from children. Some types of blown chandelier exist as variation of creation in blown glass artwork. They are balls, gold, and pendant light. The balls, as its name, remain just like an ordinary lamp bulb that is covered by spherical-shaped glass as its outer layer. The spherical glass has function to cover primary bulb and give additional artistic impression.

Meanwhile gold glass chandelier is just remains as name that represent its color that is dominated by golden or yellow. This kind of chandelier is not totally formed as random shape, however, some shapes present as canopy or bowl-plate shape. Pendant light blown glass chandelier is tending to play with light manipulation. Pendant light is trying to use colored glass as outer cover that may create new color such as red, blue, or some shady illuminations.

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